Romans 8:28I was sitting on my living room floor folding laundry, and as I shook a shirt of my daughters it caught my attention. I guess I had never really looked at it before, so I held it out to see what it said. It had a cute little kitten on it, but what spoke to me was this… It said, “always wear your crown”. I lost it. I was having a God moment, bawling, sitting on my floor in the middle of my mess. That simple phrase was all of the sudden so beautiful to me.

It’s not that I’ve never heard anything like that before. We hear that phrase a lot lately. It’s on shirts (obviously), it’s on pictures online. Girls in movies and shows seem to say or imply the message. But the way the world is portraying this phrase is not the same way that it struck me.

The world’s idea of “wearing your crown” seems to me as a diva princess type of mentality. Where as the way I see it is remembering who you are as a child of the King. It’s not that I’ve never thought of this before, but it just really struck me at that moment. God speaks to our hearts in His perfect timing. Sometimes with new revelations, and sometimes with things that have been right in front of our nose all along.

So why now? Well, let me paint a picture… It was about 5-6 months before camp. I didn’t know if I was going to be invited to help or that I even could. But it crossed my mind here and there, so I would keep it in prayer. Aside from (barely happening) camp stuff, normal life was happening. Nothing spectacular was going on, I was being wife and mom as usual. My walk with the Lord was also normal; spending time with Him in my devotional time, praising Him, praying, etc throughout my normal daytime routine. Same old, same old! But this simple phrase seemed to flip my world upside down. Everything I did, everywhere I went, conversations that I had would all fall in line with this phrase and it’s deeper meaning. It was always on my mind.

So while this revelation was living in me for a few months, I had been asked to camp, and accepted the invitation. I also found out that throughout the week of camp, the kids would be learning about the armor of God. So I decided I needed to brush up and dig deeper into God’s armor. At some point during this time, the camp information began pouring in. And I have to admit, I’m not always on top of my messages an email. So even though I would see that I received a camp email, I wouldn’t be able to check it until later. Then I would either skim through it trying to catch anything important, or forget about it until much later. I promise my intentions were to get right back to my messages and go over them thoroughly, but this is just how it went with some of them. Needless to say, I missed some things… Back to that later!

One thing I did know and was excited about was the camp title, “The King Is Among Us”. Isn’t that just beautiful. And in all my time of still thinking on “wearing your crown”, it didn’t cross my mind until right before camp that these things go together.

I also found out my tribe for camp which would be Levi, as in the Levites. In the Bible, the Levites were the priests and worship leaders (simply put). And whoever get’s the tribe of Levi at camp usually decorates with music stuff. Right up my ally!! So I made plans to decorate my cabin in a “royal” style, with purple and gold fabric, with a crown, and with worship stuff. (I’m telling you I was SO excited for that tribe and the theme!)

So a quick recap, camp title is about “the King”, the lessons would be about the armor of God, I was going with a royal worship themed room, all the while “always wear your crown” was still strong on my heart.

As a cabin leader, we bring a little gift to give to kids in our cabins. I wanted to put together a little goodie bag, and I wanted one of the items to be crown related. So after much thought and prayer I decided to make bracelets for my girls as a symbol of a crown. I wanted it to be a reminder for them, so that each time they looked at it on their wrist, they would remember who they are, who they say they are, and to always wear their crown.

For a few weeks leading up to camp, my daughter and I (and sometimes friends) would sit on our living room floor making these bracelets. As we made them, we talked about their meaning, and we would pray over each person who would be wearing each bracelet. As we created these beautiful “crowns”, I decided that I wanted to put a tag or something with them explaining what they symbolize, but I wanted it to be a cute saying or something.

So I prayed about it. Over this period of several months I had seen how God was pulling this theme together in my life, and for camp. I knew that God had already orchestrated the whole thing, and all I had to do was seek Him and follow His perfect guidance. So I knew in my heart that God already knew the words and how it would be presented.

Just over a week before I would leave for camp I woke up in the morning with a jolt. As soon as I opened my eyes, I sat straight up and knew I needed to write the tag for the bracelets. I assumed it would be a cute little saying, but I just wrote and wrote, and cried and cried. It was a poem. Not one that would fit nicely on a tag or even a little card to attach the bracelet to. But that didn’t matter, I would give them each a copy, share it with my friends at camp, with my family, and with anyone that I felt led to share it with.

So I want to share part of the information I missed while only skimming my emails. We were told that each child would receive a crown, and throughout the week, for each devotional, the children would get something (a jewel) to put on their crown. This would go with the last night of camp, where we learned ,once at camp, that we would all lay our crowns down at the throne of Jesus.

What God laid on my heart, long before I even knew if I would be going to camp, went perfectly with everything that was planned for the week. What we don’t know, God knows. When we don’t understand, God does. What we can’t see a reason or purpose for, God already has orchestrated into a bigger design than we could ever imagine. It’s good to be a child of the King.

Romans 8:28   And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Let’s Pray

Lord, You are the maker, creator and orchestrator of everything. You know what is best for our lives. I ask that You would continue to guide us in the right direction. Help us to see you clearly whether we know the plan or not. And help us trust You whether or not we understand. Help us to only want Your will. Lord, let us be a light in each situation and in each life that we face, prepared ahead of time by You before we even know why. I’m so thankful for Your perfect will and plan for my life. Lord, I am blessed by You and I love You. Amen.


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