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I recently wrote a devotion about cleaning out the messes in our lives. I have broken down different areas of the home to focus on and take back control of. When you look at an entire house of accumulated stuff, it can seem too overwhelming to consider tackling. So this plan may seem simple, but simple plans are much easier to accomplish! I also think it’s good to pace yourself when trying to de-clutter your home. We all have busy lives and we need down time, so don’t try to do all the areas in one day, or you might feel overwhelmed partway through and give up for the day. That will probably leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. We need to focus on quality not quantity. And remember, it is all time well spent. Each little bit counts and helps create a less cluttered home!

I’m starting with the bedroom clutter because that is your most personal space. I also think if it’s not taken care of first then it might get left behind. It’s very easy to close the bedroom door, hide the mess and say you will get to it later. So let’s just make it first on the list! You can do this!!!


  • Spend 15- 30 minutes on the area for that day. (It might take a little longer, but set a timer for yourself, and focus on getting the job done)
  • Don’t let yourself get sidetracked. Stay focused on getting the job done and cleaned up. You can always check your long-lost things out later on.
  • When you find things that don’t belong in a certain area, either…
    1. Put it where it belongs or find it a home
    2. Give it away
    3. Throw it away
  • Get rid of it if…
    1. you didn’t use it for an entire weather season
    2. you haven’t needed or used in the last year
    3. you don’t like it (even if it was a gift)
    4. it is ruined or broken (are you really going to fix it?)
    5. you think to yourself, “someone else will get more use out of it”
    6. you don’t have room for it

Items & Areas

  • Day 1    Surfaces – Remove anything that doesn’t belong, and follow the rules 🙂
  • Day 2    Clothes – Closets & Drawers
  • Day 3    Shoes
  • Day 4    Night Stand
  • Day 5    Under the Bed
  • Day 6    Jewelry & Accessories
  • Day 7    Make-up & Hygiene Products

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