For me personally, God wants me to clean out my physical body. I eat terribly, I don’t spend time strengthening my body, all in all I am very unhealthy, and I am feeling it. This affects the rest of my life. My energy is basically non-existent, I feel gross, I get sick easily, and I am really down and cranky for at least a bit each day. The worst part of knowing that I am suffering, is that I know why, yet I haven’t done anything about it. If my body is a temple, then why do I treat it so poorly?

My Body is a Temple

My body is a temple, given to me by God. It’s my charge to take care of. So what to do about it? I am taking care of this physical temple that he placed in my care and entrusted me with. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. I know that this scripture’s context is of a sexual nature, but whether we misuse our physical bodies sexually or in other ways, it is still a dishonor to God and to ourselves.

Physical Exercise

My body needs exercise. I might only do 10 or 15 minutes one day, and 45 minutes another, but 10 minutes on one day is better than no minutes working out at all. Each workout when I wasn’t able to physically do what I used to do, I would feel defeated. Then I would just give up. I felt like I had to wait until I felt more physically apt to keep up with my old self… News flash to Justine, it doesn’t get better unless you work on it. So even a 10 minute workout is a real victory in my life and for my body.
I really think about what regular exercise is going to do for me, and not just in the present, but in the future. It is going to strengthen my body, and give me better endurance for everything. I want to enjoy life with my husband outdoors. We love physical activities! Riding bikes, playing sports with friends, going for hikes, etc.  I want to keep up with my children and physically play with them and run around with them for as long as I can. Even beyond my own children, I would like to keep up with my grand-children one day. I don’t want to miss out on that. I’ve always been an active, playful person. I have joy being with the kids and be part of what is important to them (aka playing).
I also want to feel physically good. My body needs to be strong so that I am better protected from physical injury. Especially as we age, our bodies become more fragile. So because my body is a temple,  it needs preventive care and regular maintenance.

Eating to Live

I heard this about my dog once… “he eats to live, not lives to eat”. I love that because it can apply to all of us. Do we eat to live, or live to eat? Head hanging low and tail between my legs; I admit, I live to eat.

Really though, I don’t feel too bad about that other than what damage I am causing to my body because of it. I love junk, I love sugar, and I love refined and processed food. But I reached the point that I feel so gross, and I know that I know that it is the food that I eat. I can eat a large bowl of extremely sugary cereal, feel nauseous by the time I am almost finished, and then eat more… then I fall asleep. It knocks me right out. I really have nothing left after that. So even though I know how bad that food makes me feel, I keep eating it. Why? Habit. Lazy. Carbohydrate addict.  And that grossness that I feel is just the immediate effects of my poor eating choices.

What about the health problems that poor eating causes? There are too many to mention, but personally, I am gaining weight. It is uncomfortable. And the nausea that cereal and other foods cause in my body are because my body is rejecting the bad food and craving nutrition. (I’m sure there are specific medical reasons, but I am not a doctor.) I really do not want to be the reason that I have other minor and major health issues as I go through life. My true desire is to be as healthy as possible until I leave this earth. I want to enjoy my family, and I don’t want them to have to worry about me as I get older.  If my body is a temple, then why do I fill it with garbage and poison?

The Solution? I can make a nice list of how to not eat these types of foods. Like remove them from my house, don’t buy them anymore, eat a piece of fruit when I have a craving, take something healthy when you go to a party, etc. But the reality is that they are in this world and so am I. One serving won’t hurt, right? No, it won’t, but if you’re anything like me, one leads to more and to a path of destruction. We can have all the knowledge in the world, but I am the only one who can choose to make the change. It’s called will power. And as I implied earlier, I don’t really have any.

I’ve thought of the root causes of my eating. Gluttony, of course. Which is because of  selfishness as I am only thinking of myself in that moment. Lack of love or respect for myself, for those I care about, and for God or else I would put enriching and nourishing things in my body.


I need God’s help. He has laid this on my heart, because it is important and He wants me changed. My body is a gift placed in my care to be used on this earth to help enrich the lives of others and share the love of God. How can I do or be any of that if I choose selfishly? I will think of the reasons that I should take care of my body. And I will think of the people who my poor health choices can effect. This is truly not just about me. I am not on this earth for just me. So I will start by praying about it.

Father, I thank You so much for my life. My body is a temple for You, and I am so thankful that You have given it o me. I thank You for good health so far. And I thank You for showing me now, Your will for my bodily health.

I recognize that I need Your help to feel better and to live a more fulfilling life, and to have will power. Please give me the strength to say “no” to junk food. Please help me to not only be able to say no, but to not even desire junk food. Help me to crave healthy food. Help my desire for a healthy body to be greater than my want for junk in a weak moment.

I ask for your help to make the choice to be physically active each day. Help me to exercise my body regularly to make a physical healthy difference. I want to play with my family. I want to be a productive physical worker at my home and during other opportunities.

Please, be with me, Lord. So far I am failing on my own, and I can only make a real long-lasting change with Your help. Help me to seek You each day and remember that I am eating to LIVE. I want to live to my fullest physical potential. Thank you, Lord for Laying this on my heart and for wanting to help me. You have blessed me with opened eyes to see that I need change. Please clean out my body. I want to live for You, Jesus. I love You with all my heart. In Your precious name, Amen.

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