So my last planner post was about the planners that I chose to use this year. And while I’m still very happy with my planners, I love looking at all the different options out there, and have a major happy planner infatuation!

When I first looked into buying a Happy Planner, I was so overwhelmed by all the options and accessories. Now I am getting the hang of using my planner and I know what works for me. So overwhelming feeling turned into over excited! That being said, I am still infatuated with Create 365’s Happy Planner. This one is a letter page size, and I absolutely love the design and colors! I like having a large planner to keep at home open on my desk. This makes is easy for me to check in when I need to, or add to it easily.

They also have smaller sizes. The original is actually a nice medium size. The medium size is also big enough for keeping at home or dropping in your tote. This is the one that I was considering adding to my collection. If I happen to realize a need in my life for more planners, this is a winner!
As nice as this more portable planner is, there is also a mini¬†Happy Planner. I used to carry around a small planner in my purse for years. It was perfect for me. I wrote everything in it… my work schedule, my work-out schedule, my girly schedule, church events, dates with my boyfriend husband, and whatever else I needed to know. It was ALWAYS with me.

Now I keep the schedule of 5 people, so the mini sized planner is not great for my main needs. It works for my work schedule, though. Unfortunately for my infatuation, I already have another planner the same size for that purpose. I really love this design for the mini Happy Planner. So like I said earlier, I love the planners that I chose to use for this year, but these are way too adorable not to give a try. Maybe next year!

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