For the last several years I have used a calendar app on my iPhone. I really like. It has so many customization’s and cutsie features, along with more viewing options than the other calendar app that I have used (and i have tried a ton!). One of my main reasons for using my phone calendar is for the notifications. I really need reminders these days! Between three elementary/middle school aged children and all of their activities, plus my husbands and my schedule; we are booked!

Lately, I am really have a hard time keeping it together (although, I do mostly keep it together) even with my calendar app and my reminders. It just doesn’t seem enough these days. I feel like I am always figuring out what I need to do next in our day/ week/ lives at the last-minute. It’s my fault, I know. But for the time being, until I can really get my act together (believe me, I am trying), the urgent is taking precedence over what is important for now. The game of catch up seems never-ending. Sigh

BUT there is hope! I decided to use a real live (instead of virtual) planner! I figured I love to write, and writing helps me remember things. I make lists for myself all the time because I need a blueprint visual. Maybe seeing a bigger layout of everything, and seeing my weeks laid out for me will help me out. It will be like a puzzle of my life that I will be able to move around and fit all the pieces in their perfect place!

I decided that the “Happy Planners” would probably suit my fancy because they are so adorable. There was a black Friday sale and they were part of it, and soon to be in my grasp! But when I got to the store and actually stood in front of the (very colorful) shelf, I was really overwhelmed. I felt like there was so much to it; so many options that I was not ready for. I just needed to work on using the thing first ,not glitzing it all up! Don’t get me wrong, I am all for glitzing and accessorizing, but I really didn’t know what all i would actually need and what would just be a waste. Maybe the “Happy Planner” is not for me.

Long story longer 😉 I walked around the next corner in the store and I found my perfect planner!!! I decided to go with a “Recollections” planner. I chose the perfect binder and calendar/planning inserts. I picked out the perfect stickers, washi tape, stamps and accessories. It is just right! In fact, shortly after I purchased my personal sized planner, I saw that “Recollections” came out with a larger A5 size planner and accessories. So I ended up buying one of those also.

Multiple planners can be helpful. I realized that some of the roles that I play in my life need some extra (and separate) planning. These things are still jotted down in my main planner, but the details are all separate in their own planner. I know this seems like more work on top of an already busy life, but I feel like I can breathe.

Even though I am still playing catch up…I really am catching up! I feel like some of the important things are starting to be managed better and not all at the last-minute. I am working on managing life in my planner a little here and there (checking it and maintaining it regularly as needed), and the craziness finally seems to be turning back into peace. Oh happy day!!!

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