So… your hair color has joined the dark side? While it’s not a great thing, it can be fixed… or it will just fade and lighten over time. Hang in there…

Before I say anything else, if you had it done at a salon, then I strongly suggest that you let them remedy it. Call ASAP and let them know the problem. If the mistake was on their end, then they should not hesitate to make it right at their expense. If you asked for it and now have changed your mind…well then you’ll probably have to pay for it.


Now let’s get down to business! You need to use this method as soon as you can. The longer your color has been on the harder it is to remove. (Try to do this within 2 days, but right away is best) Here is what I suggest…Buy Prell Shampoo. You might want to buy 2 bottles just in case 😉

 It is a green very concentrated; very clarifying; very old shampoo. It is not the kind of shampoo that you would use for every washing as it removes all oils that you actually need in your hair and on your scalp. It’s also great for removing any build up.This shampoo can actually be hard to find in a lot of stores. If you order on Amazon Prime, you can have it the next day and still be within a good time frame for removing some of your dark color.

So, for lightening your to dark COLORED hair… Finish rinsing your hair color out, make sure you dry your hair completely. Apply a very generous amount of Prell shampoo in your hair and work it through completely. If your hair is long, clip it up so that it does not get everywhere. Leave it on your hair for 45 minutes to an hour. Rinse well and CHECK YOUR HAIR COLOR BEFORE YOU CONDITION. You can repeat this process a few times depending on how much hair color you need to remove. When you are completely finished shampooing, use a good moisturizing conditioner because your hair will be very dry.

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While this helps lighten your colored hair, it will not completely remove your hair color

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